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HOME / Productos / Sistemas de Flejado / toroidale / UNISTRAP HS 2TT

Automatic dual head horizontal strapping system

Operational features:

  • Main steel frame painted with anti-corrosive coating and epoxy paint in several layers
  • Nr. 2 Horizontal Strapping Heads suitable to use PP/PET strapping band
  • Electronic adjustable upward/downward speed of the strapping head unit controlled
    by inverter
  • Encoder to measure the strapping band position
  • Laser photocell for automatic detection of the coil centre position
  • Strapping tension adjustable from 5 to 350 kg.
  • Gearmotor for launching / recovery of the strap controlled by inverter
  • Pneumatic device for the approaching of the strapping head to the product
  • Nr. 2 coil carrying units with device for the accumulation of the excess strapping band
    during the recovery phase
  • Nr. 1 Dual Powered Spear Device to allow the passing of the strapping band through the core of the coil to be strapped
  • Easy strap insertion system
  • Electronic control of strapping band end detection
  • Program for one toroidal strap
  • Program for the exclusion of the strapping cycle
  • Electric control cabinet for all the functions of the machine manufactured following CE rules and controlled by PLC (IP 54 protection)
  • Operating panel (HMI) complete with digital display keyboard to control:
    • - Autodiagnostic program and visualisation of the alarms
    • - Selection of manual operations
    • - Strapping cycle timers

The machine is complete with all the necessary devices to perform a fully automatic working cycle.

The strapping head Unistrap with vibration welding is the evolution of the traditional system with electrical resistance; this system is the result of our technical research and experience of 20 years in the construction of automatic machines for the packaging of palletized units.

The vibration welding system (cold) was developed to improve the speed of the strapping cycle, and to avoid the smoke created by the traditional welding system with electrical resistance.

The maintenance of the strapping head with vibration welding is almost non-existent, as it’s built with mechanical parts of high precision hardened steel and without delicate components such as temperature detectors, resistors, etc.

Strapping Cycle in 5 steps:

1. The launching of the strapping band is performed by a gearmotor (also used for the recovery phase); the band, passing through the first gripper, runs throught the arch to arrive again to the strapping head.

2.The inverter that controls the gearmotor that launches the strapping band, slows down and stops the strap over the position sensor: the first gripper holds the head of the strapping band.

3. Start of the recovery phase: the band comes out of the strapping arch, it rests on the load and is tensioned by means of the launch and recovery gearmotor. The excess strap is recovered on the coil carrying unit.

4.Once the strapping has been tensioned to the required value, the second gripper holds the strap and allows the third gripper (central) to come into contact with the strap to complete the cutting cycle and vibration welding.

5. After 2.5 seconds (time required for the cutting and welding cycle) the three grippers release the strap ring obtained on the load; the strapping head returns to its initial position to start a new working cycle.