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Tissue packaging solutions

The tissue market has always been one of the pivotal ones for Unitech. The company has a dedicated, full-time staff to the sector, day in, day out, thanks to a current partnership with a world leader. In addition, a lot of Unitech’s packaging machines are installed around the world providing a rich and unique case history.
Particularly in the tissue business, Unitech can provided - and has provided - the utmost customization of the full end-of-line process. In addition to the well-renowned automatic pallet wrappers, strapping machines and stretch film rewinders, Unitech develops designs and produce a great range of handling and conveying solutions.
The use of standard parts and the superior quality of the initial components, made to last as long as possible, provide a further chance to meet the highest and long-lasting production goals while respecting the product's integrity. In addition, the use of pre-stretch systems allows customers to increase the environmental sustainability reducing the impact and the waste of raw material.
In order to guarantee an even higher level of customization, control and efficiency, Unitech focused on providing top-end technology in terms of electronics, with in-house software programming making the machines Industry 4.0 ready.