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Settori d'interesse

Arti grafiche





Furniture and graphic arts packaging solutions

The Unitech machinery are custom-tailored, and “Built The Way You Need It” is not just a payoff. The many different types of machines produced and the different applications that involved our customers generated a huge amount of experience in every field of activity. To respond to every need, the customization leve provided by Unitech really crafts a dedicated product for each and every need. To complete the offer, in addition to the three big families of automatic pallet wrapper and strappers, the company also provides a full range of conveying and handling solutions.
The use of standard parts and the superior quality of the initial components, made to last as long as possible provide a further chance to meet the highest and long-lasting production goals while respecting the product's integrity especially when it matters the most, in the furniture and art industries. In addition, the use of pre-stretch systems allows customers to increase the environmental sustainability reducing the impact and the waste of raw material.
In order to guarantee an even higher level of customization, control and efficiency, Unitech focused on providing top-end technology in terms of electronics, with in-house software programming making the machines Industry 4.0 ready.